Knowing your entity, we simplify the technology at low cost in a way that provides user-friendly interface tossed with brilliance, competence and easy operations by the end user.

3S towards a
Giant Leap

The skilled team of Hyniva was established by a visionary Sreeram Jadapolu. We believe in developing products that follow 3S- smartness, sophistication which ultimately leads to SUCCESS. Some of these products are Eazy School, Eazy Lend, eFPS, Media Fusion and Health Info Systems for our clients. 3S towards a Giant Leap.

Experience Vision in
delivering Solutions

Its only through focussed research that one can touch the horizons of vision. Through excellent research, we not only feed your thoughts but also win a niche war on cliche. Our industry recognized subject matter experts lead in delivering solutions for Banking, Education, e-Governance, Health Care, Telecom and Business Intelligence.

Growing branches of
the tree named HYNIVA

A seed was sown back in Chennai with a vision to grow into a huge tree. Today we are having offices in Bengaluru and US as well. The tree has fruitfully succeeded in delivering multi-million dollar projects to many clients across the globe. We have grown into a company that receives accolades for its consistency, quality and ability to turn visions into reality.

Designing to deployment Uncompromised

Our team is focussed on providing IT solutions that not only simplify the way you look at your future but also the way the world looks at you. From custom software development to startegic IT consulting, Hyniva is focussed right from the product designing to the execution of the product to maximize your company’s potential. By using a unique technique called ‘Single Source of Truth’, we bring your accuracy data upright. Not only this, we also re-engineer our techniques in order to generate more revenue and visibility in the market.

We believe that Information is power, revenue is action



Our future depends on what we do in the present. Therefore being a strategic partner and a cloud computing bub, we provide solutions across various verticals that helps generate progressive technology in order to contribute and organize company status in the market. For us, excellence in IT is not just an act but a habit.


We have more than 500 installations in private education sector, R&D in various e-Governance programs, IT partner for GMF & AAA financial firms. Plus there are many more that count on us.


Engineered by skilled technicians and specialists, we enhance our services periodically. Having focussed research, we are committed towards continually improving the effectiveness of our quality through technological tools such as mobility, cloud computing, business analytics and social networking in order to deliver simplified technology.

You can improve what you don’t measure today. At Hyniva, we first measure your needs and then we develop products and solutions that fit your entity needs well.

Our Inspiration
“Our job is not to be easy on people. It is to make them better.”
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