HYNIVA offers powerful, enterprise class solutions. Our solutions help the company with sales, consultancy and engineering operations worldwide. An enterprise-wide solution seeks to deliver a solution for the entire enterprise, not just one department or division. Legacy platforms which are resistant to interoperability of data and content fail to integrate as they converge from different partners, locations and systems.


Hyniva has an Integrated Web and Mobile Development division, providing 360° solutions for online ventures including corporate identity design, web design, e-commerce web design, mobile development, search marketing, kiosk apps, all under one roof and done by our in-house team.
The development of a web-based interface virtually acts as the face or identity of the company and in the totality its brand. Our new age web development techniques help your company market its products and services online.

We take pride in our high quality service and support provided by our talented team. We aim to build long lasting relationships that extend past the initial sale. By building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients to develop personal connections that deliver success.

Our team has expertise in HTML5, CSS & JQUERY.


We provide custom-programmed middleware solutions to enable one application to communicate with another that either runs on a different platform or comes from a different vendor or both. Middleware is essential to migrating mainframe applications for client & server applications. It enables communication across heterogeneous platforms with ease of navigation.

Team Hyniva understands your business needs for solutions to access multiple programs without hampering their functionality. Integration of the independent networks in a framework is crucial to maximize its user experience. We extend services to cater to this domain in your business. We provide a diverse group of products to offer packaged middleware solutions. Coherent with the latest technologies, our team will deliver more than what you have envisioned for your organization.

Our team has expertise with J2EE, .NET & PHP.


In an era of data storage crisis, where every business craves for the competitive edge whilst minimizing cost-to-company you can turn to us for this edge. Empower your business by letting us manage your cloud computing needs. Understanding the need to focus on your core business, we arm you with an economical solution to effectively manage data storage.


We help you develop the mobile app you have in mind and also make it flexible for your customer to use on his various mobile connectivity devices. Right from research to concept and development, our experts help you make the perfect mobile app.This added with loads of dedication and creativity from our team members is bound to make your customers feel like the KING.


We at Hyniva, facilitate you to optimize your business’ data transfers and access. It is indeed a task to handle big data without the risk of slowing down the network. A growing business thrives on system performance by providing near to real-time data/information delivery. The computer network must effectively handle, manage and react to data access & transfer commands. Big Data is a common hurdle faced by developing organizations world-wide.

Equip yourself for the data cascade looming in the future of your expanding business. We strive to provide you unique solutions to your data management needs. Our project team is always inspired by challenge and we deliver to your diverse needs suitably. Our expertise will help you find the happy ending for your story!

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