In recent years, healthcare has changed tremendously. It promises to do so, considering the ongoing and ever increasing intricacies in the policies and regulations. It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to manage the exorbitant flow of information. Even the most sophisticated EMR and EHR solutions are proving to be insufficient address the current scenario.

At Hyniva we do not promise that management of information will be a piece of cake. However, we certainly commit that you will have a technically very sound team to address the challenges.

After managing several projects, Hyniva has come with a stand alone solution, which is built to seamlessly manage most of your healthcare IT needs. Check out our Health Information System product for more information.


Education is no longer bound to classroom. As a matter of fact, educationists believe that real education happens outside of the classroom. It is difficult to take students out on the field in the thick of all the action, all the time. But with the advent of IT, it has now become easy to bring the world inside the classroom. Of course, IT cannot replace the real life experiences which teach so much, but it can and has already taken education in the every nook and corner of the world.

We take technology in the field of education as far as it can go. We have been working in this area for a long long time and have developed two products that revolve around education – EazySchool and EazyCollege. With these products, we are making education management seamless so that educationists can focus on building the future.


Claims, processes, due diligence, checklists and the list goes on and on. Insurance is one such industry, which has several different dimensions to it and needs to have several different interfaces. The complex the industry, the more complex are its IT systems.

We don’t dig into the whole pie of the insurance IT systems. We take small chunks and fix them before moving onto the next one. Apart from custom development, we also work on system up-gradations, migrations, maintenance and support. We also see to it that all the stakeholders involved are supplied with sufficient information. Since, most of are constantly on the move, we also add a mobile dimension to the IT system.


Conventionally, media had been a one-way flow of information. But with the advent of social media and the involvement of virtually anyone and everyone the media industry needs to be IT savvy. They are amongst the early adopters of new technology, not because they have great IT budgets, but because if they don’t adapt to technological changes quickly, they lose considerable ground in the cutthroat competition.

We have experience of working with media companies, so we understand their culture and respect it. We know that the media executives are always chasing deadlines, so we as their IT vendor are always on our toes. We consult them on the solutions which they can implement to stay ahead of the competition and then we go ahead and implement them, end-to-end.


Banks should be agile with ever-evolving regulatory framework, yet accurate in their decision making system, in order to stay profitable. It is a task in itself to juggle between efficiency, accuracy, accounting and compliance. This makes the whole environment and hence the IT, complex.

Banks no longer technology shy and are constantly on the lookout for up-gradations and newer IT systems that would help them achieve their banking goals.

Our substantial experience and proven expertise in and around the Banking sector makes us a capable IT vendor. We work in the areas of the networks, databases, web, mobile and middleware. We help you keep upbeat with the dynamic environment by providing solutions in Business Intelligence and Dashboards.


We know the vastness of the retail industry and it’s close association with the consumer products. The consumers don’t know what they want, yet they want the very best. The concepts like ‘Free, Perfect and Now’, usually only used in management schools, are brought to practice in this industry. This is what makes retail unique in it’s own way.

These days, all industries have become dynamic, so it would be almost an understatement to call the environment in the retail industry – dynamic. The more the changes, the more the need of agile IT solutions. Our fast-growing Retail offerings expertise has already extended end-to-end business solutions to our clients and helped them achieve their goals.

Equipped with deep-rooted knowledge and intellectual delivery, we operate closely with our clients and help them address internal and external challenges. Our solution offerings revolve around optimizing performance with technologies aligned with business priorities, cost cutting, improving profit margins and keeping the management team two steps ahead in the race to the summit.

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