Solutions for the “Cloud”

Hyniva solutions are designed with the concept of SOA so that delivery in the cloud is possible as and when an enterprise moves to the cloud. With a growing need to utilize the most powerful API, our powerful modular services deliver next-generation apps that fosters growth while reducing costs, minimizing risks and increasing agility on global platforms.


Our synchronized solutions work with high efficiency, handling exceptional procedures in which data functions for all the entities across the globe in high volumes.


Unlike other entities, cloud computing by Hyniva shall provide big data communication, rapid enterprise developmental growth, ease of access, allocation of resources and much more. Our application development is on the cloud.


When it comes to large data storage and minimizing costs for operational information, the faster and reliable solution is our cloud computing application development.

Our long experience of technological advancements and proven track record of industry standards offers core business to strategic solutions focussed on valued data and resourceful network elements. Unlike other hybrid approaches our cloud strategy allows for workload portability across the entire inter cloud.

Our application development team uses cloud based servers and all applications are tested on the cloud before delivery.

Technology Partners


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Web services are sometimes called cloud services or remote computing services.


A cloud-computing software that delivers online collaboration of sales, support and businesses through remote access. Salesforce is a CRM application which makes it easy to handle customer information.

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